Carbon Steel

About us

thyssenkrupp Materials Norge supplies a wide range of carbon steel, stainless steel and metals. With warehouses in the Netherlands, several central thyssenkrupp warehouses in Germany, Belgium and France and a worldwide network of suppliers, we can meet almost any material requirement. Not only directly from stock, but also for larger projects ex works with all necessary certificates, treatments and packaging. But also for smaller orders. From standard sizes and qualities to unique exotic sizes and qualities. Also from our own thyssenkrupp factories, but also from other certified quality suppliers all over the world. With our wide and deep range of quality products, we can meet almost any demand.

thyssenkrupp Materials Norge guarantees high quality certification and traceability. We make sure that all specifications are in accordance with customer requirements. Our certifications include ISO 9001: 2015. EN 10210-1, EN 10219-1, EN 10025 and EN 10210.

As a division of thyssenkrupp Materials Nederland, thyssenkrupp Materials Norge is part of the worldwide thyssenkrupp group with 106,000 employees and branches in over 80 countries.

engineering. tomorrow. together. Three words that describe who we are, what we do, and how we go about doing it.


We engineer solutions for you. With comprehensive program tailored to our customers needs and requests, we become the leading distributer of steel products.


Our deep market understanding, our international footprint and our passionate employees make us the efficient, reliable and customer-oriented service partner.


thyssenkrupp Materials Serbia employees are professionals who communicate with experts throughout the thyssenkrupp Group all over the world, on daily basis. Our employees consider themselves as qualified partners and advisors. They continuously work on improving their knowledge and generously share their international experience.